Bitcoin Evolution Review 2021: It is legit or a scam? Live Results

Bitcoin Evolution review usa

Everything that makes crypto market software so famous has been covered in the review below along with our best tips for using Bitcoin Evolution in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Evolution is an automatic trading bot which generates profits based on speculation about volatile crypto markets. The automatic trading robots have generated an average profit of up to $1,500 per day from the initial deposit of $250. However, is Bitcoin Evolution a legit platform and is it worth your time, money and efforts?

We noticed a spike in searches of Bitcoin Evolution’s stance on being legit or scam so we decided to eliminate this confusion about the software by first reviewing this software to test if it’s a genuine investment platform.

Review: Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the oldest crypto trading bots and it operates on an auto pilot program. Hence, it can be used by anyone irrespective of their previous experience. The crypto trading platform is best for online investors who are looking for money making opportunities with little effort from the world of cryptocurrency online.

What is the Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a trading bot founded by a team of software developers and pro crypto traders. This robot is completely automatic and can be accessed by crypto traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. 

Our Learnbonds review of Bitcoin Evolution is proof that this is a legit trading platform. The bot claims to apply algorithms powered by artificial intelligence for studying crypto markets and price movements in predictions made. 

The reported win rate of Bitcoin Evolution is at 90% similar to Bitcoin Revolution. Hence, with such profit margins, a $250 account can be grown to over half a million dollars in one years time. However, in this case, you will have to re-invest all your profits.

Despite highly accurate trades in the market of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Evolution comes with certain risks. Hence, the possibility of losing your investment with Bitcoin Evolution’ automatic trading robot is very real. Therefore, Learnbonds has recommended that one should always trade with an amount which they afford to lose and with only regulated brokers.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam or not?

Bitcoin Evolution has built a market reputation of a trustworthy robot. Learnbonds even found real testimonials of the bot’s users who have made considerable profit using this bot. However, these claims could not be verified. Investors should always remember that trading is associated with certain risks so they should only invest with regulated firms.

Many wonder about how the trading robot is highly accurate. This is because it depends on technology powered by artificial intelligence. These technologies have the strength to highlight trading options from the big data within microsecond and then placing relevant trades. 

What’s even better is that the robot can read Twitter feeds of relevant governing authorities and quickly incorporates relevant profitable changes in the trading accounts of users. This has proved to be of great help given how tweets by Trump wreaked havoc in cryptocurrency rates. Our review of Bitcoin Rush is another high rated robot which trades news.

Key Highlights of Bitcoin Evolution

What has made this robot maverick and why should users care?After our thorough review of trading with Bitcoin Evolution, we found numerous features of this trading robot. 

If we consider reviews by users then Bitcoin Evolution has topped the list of most beneficial crypto robots for generating high profit margins. The robot claims to make daily profit of $1000 each day with a deposit of $500 or less. Our research showed that even though there have been claims of generating $200 everyday from a $250 deposit, such claims could not be verified.

Moreover, the possibility of turning a $250 into $500 is possible with this robot according to its claims. However, in order to achieve this, the user will have to reinvest his profits along with ensuring that the robot stays active for 12 hours a day and five days a week. The best part is that one does not have to worry about time as Bitcoin Evolution is completely automatic.

Rapid Withdrawals

The investigation by Learnbonds showed that there were not any complaints of withdrawing profits from Bitcoin Evolution. There isn’t any withdrawal limit nor is it associated with any cost. However, the users pay a small commission on the profits they generate through the robot. 

Once an individual fills the withdrawal request form then the money is deposited in your bank account within 24 hours. However, one should always trade with regulated providers and not forget that every trade comes with certain risks. 

Amazing Customer Support

Bitcoin Evolution gives the option of live chat, email and phone calls as their major communication channels. Connecting with an agent takes less than a minute through a live chat or a phone call. Emails are not recommended as they may take up to 48 hours to get a reply. 

Moreover, we found the customer service to be professional and friendly at the same time. In addition, they have a lot of information and work closely with partner brokers.


Bitcoin Evolution is safe for everyone. Learnbonds has given guarantee that your data is secure each time you use Bitcoin Evolution. This is because the website is encrypted and they come with data protection policy in place. Moreover, they are in compliance with GDPR and  thus, do not share any information of users without their permission. 

Getting Started with Bitcoin Evolution

Creating an account and starting trading at the official website of Bitcoin Evolution takes less than a minute. As mentioned earlier, crypto traders do not need any sorts of technical skills to trade with Bitcoin Evolution. A user is good to go as soon as they set up their account with the online robot. Just by clicking the live button, the user will realize that the robot will manage everything else. The step by step guide has been shared below for your convenience to start trading.

Step One – Fill in the Form

In the form provided by Bitcoin Evolution, fill it with details like name, email and phone number. You will be asked for an SMS code verification for your phone number and link for an email.

This review assures that the information of users of Bitcoin Evolution is confidential on strict grounds. The user has the option of receiving unsolicited offers from the robot.

Step Two – Connect with a Broker

Once the account registration process has been complete with Bitcoin Evolution, the user will be connected to a broker operating in their jurisdiction. Learnbonds investigation has confirmed that all brokers listed at Bitcoin Evolution and the partners are regulated. 

In fact, every transaction made at Bitcoin Evolution is made through their listed brokers. A broker regulated according to law helps in guaranteeing the safety of money of investors. Regulators ask for periodic reports of usage from brokers along with segregate deposits. 

Step Three – Minimum Deposit of $250 Only

All you need is a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with Bitcoin Evolution. As discussed earlier, a deposit of $250 has the potential of generating $200 in profit each day according to the testimonials of some users.

Bitcoin Evolution comes with numerous options for payments like Visa Card, Master Card, Skrill, Bitcoin, WebMoney and Wire Transfer.The funds are deposited in less than a minute and are immediately reflected on the trader’s account.

Step Four – Demo and Live Trading

The Bitcoin Evolution is powered with all the features of live web trading. Hence, we recommend using the demo account first to become familiar with various features used in the live trading platform. 

However, users should note that demo accounts at crypto trading platforms are only for illustrative purposes. Therefore, they do not reflect results which are generated during live trading. Once a person has had a demo then they would not have any problem in navigating around live trading.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Endorsed by Celebrities?

There were rumours that Bitcoin Evolution was endorsed by celebrities like Kate Winslet and Bill Gates. However, during our investigation, we discovered that all such rumours were indeed lies by affiliates. Bitcoin Evolution has openly denounced such claims of celebrity endorsements. 

However, affiliates trading cannot rely on their lies because their actions do not influence brokers accepting their trades. 

Bitcoin Evolution – The Verdict

Bitcoin Evolution is a secure and genuine online trading platform just like Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Era. One does not need any prior experience to trade at Bitcoin Evolution. However, one should not forget that trading is associated with certain risks with unregulated brokers, the results cannot be guaranteed and one should not risk more than they can afford to lose.


Can I earn money through Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a robot with high risk and high rewards. Making money of up to $1,000 has been heard of allegedly. However, one should not forget that trading is associated with certain risks and one should only trade with regulated brokers. 

How much should I deposit at the initial stage?

You may either start with a demo account or a minimum deposit of $250.

Are profits easily withdrawn at Bitcoin Evolution?

Yes! The withdrawal facility works around the clock 24/7. We have also confirmed that the robot does not charge any withdrawal fee.

Is Bitcoin Evolution secure?

Yes! Our investigation has revealed that Bitcoin Evolution is a secure crypto trading platform. Furthermore, we have confirmed that they safeguard users data with firm confidentiality. 

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