Bitcoin ERA Review – USA

Bitcoin Era Review

Bitcoin Era is an online trading bot which can help its users in generating profit through the fluctuations in bitcoin price. The trading platform of crypto boosts about churning a $1k profit every day with investment as low as $250.

But, is it legit?

Bitcoin Era Review

Bitcoin Era was launched in 2019 and a team of Fintech companies, since then the app has become one of the most popular trading apps in the crypto currency space. 

It’s free for everyone to use, but does require at least a $250 deposit to begin trading and buying crypto currencies. This is the standard requirement of other many finance “robots”. 

Bitcoin Era is completely automated. This means that the robot comes with convenient settings that the owners offer as “presets” you can use or you can make them yourself. You presets are what you set up to either buy or sell a certain crypto currency at certain prices.

Is the Bitcoin Era a scam?

Users should never forget that all trades come with certain risk.

People who are familiar with Bitcoin and other crypto currency are fully aware of the extreme volatile nature of this coin. Bitcoin has risen by $1k in a few minutes and then dropped without any precaution. This trend has been identified by avid followers of cryptocurrency. 

The usual case in the market is that people leave their robot to perform trades on their behalf all day and then they return to certain losses. Hence, all crypto traders should monitor volatility of crypto coins on a regular basis. 

While a volatile market can be harmful, it can also be highly rewarding with all trading platforms. The Bitcoin Era has stated it trades at a split second faster than other platforms and that it has sufficient time to pick signals to place trade correctly. High volatile provides high risk and high rewards; therefore, some users have reported an amazing success rate of 88% or higher.

Scam? No.

Guaranteed money maker? Of course not, but if you work it right, definitely.

Bitcoin Era has certainly been a nice surprise and has performed better than was expected.

Creating an account on Bitcoin Era

Step 1: Registration

Initial step is simple as all a user has to do is fill a form in the official website of Bitcoin Era so that a trading account can be registered and the user may begin using software. 

The details added include full name, password with 1 capital and 1 number, your email and finally your phone number. Once you register, you will be connected to a broker and then you will be able to take the next step.

Step 2: Familiarising yourself with the Platform

To make the most out of the Bitcoin Era, it is best that you check your profile once you have been connected with the broker along with your practice account. Another thing that you can do is to start your live account on the official website of Bitcoin Era. 

Here are brief definitions of the sections in your dashboard:

  • Trading Accounts – The activity log and summary of your trading accounts can be checked here. We recommend using only one account at a time.
  • My Profile – Setup your account with your details, change your password along with the submission of your KYC documents. This will let the regulated broker know you and it will also help you in withdrawing your profits. This is a standard procedure. 
  • Fund Transfer – This is where you may deposit or withdraw your investment
  • Platform Downloads – If you like then you may download the trading system that you have used for trading at Bitcoin Era; however, it is not necessary
  • Service Desk – A customer care team is available around the clock to help you with your questions or problems.

Step 3: Live and Demo Trading

There are two modes of trading that can be selected at the trading platform. The list of ‘Live Accounts’ is selected only when you are ready to trade in a live session to make profit while the accounts used for practice are ‘Demo Accounts’. 

While the demo accounts are not compulsory, we still recommend them for first time users to mitigate risk of losses. What is the purpose of a demo account? In demo mode the user can experiment at the platform and perform trade with fake money as an experiment with the broker at Bitcoin Era. 

The demo account of Bitcoin Era works just like a live trading session. We urge all our new users to first try via demo account to learn about different trade options they have and become familiar with everything before starting trade for real. 

In the live trading, you will give directions to the robot about how you want to place trades and do other things for you. 

You may access the control panel in this step where you may include details like instructions for the robot to operate.

In this way, you will get access to your history of operations to analyze which trades have been successful. You may also ‘open trade’ from your demo account to check it’s performance in the live market to analyze the performance of the trade you made along with performing other tasks according to your convenience. 

Step 4: Deposit

After setting your account, you are ready for live trading and you may deposit real money. This way you can start trading with Bitcoin Era immediately. Don’t forget that while the software is free to use, you will have to deposit a minimum range of funds to start trading with brokers. 

Key Features of Bitcoin Era

We have compiled a list of the best features of Bitcoin Era so that if you have any other doubts about this platform then they may be cleared. 

Performance – Once you have tested the platform, you will find testimonials from our users regarding their weekly haul ranging from USD $ 1,250 – $ 2,500 along with the 82% success rate of our users. 

Variety in cryptocurrencies – While the crypto currency with best results is Bitcoin, one may choose other platforms like Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and other common altcoins. You may also trade in BTC USD and BTC EUR in a trading pair at Bitcoin Era.

Withdrawals and deposits in a reasonable time frame – The usual time taken to secure funds from the withdrawal system is between 24-36 hours which is fast and free from hassles.

Friendly and safe verification system – The verification system is dependent on personal information of users like name, credit card, etc instead of demanding complex documents. For withdrawing your profit, you will have to submit your ID because the Bitcoin Era is registered with the Anti-Money laundering Act. 

Efficient and quick brokers – as the Bitcoin Era conducts its operations automatically with online brokers who are not just efficient and effective but are also safe and free from any scams online. However, trading comes with certain risks so trading with a registered provider is recommended. 

Payouts – The policy of withdrawal upto 36 hours at the Bitcoin Era is convenient. This is because as soon as the users requests to withdraw funds, they will be available at your bank account or credit card according to your choice within 36 hours. 

Bitcoin Era

  • User friendly interface makes getting started easier
  • Bitcoin Era has a success ratio of over 82%
  • The minimum deposit investment is $250 only
  • The process of registration is quick and smooth as it takes few minutes only

Other Robots

  • Instead of first testing the platform, users are kind of forced to invest from the beginning
  • Most platforms are not regulated so they are scams as they perform unsuccessfully
  • Many robots lure people with promises of high returns on high investments which is not true
  • Many robots expect you to fill in a lot of forms which makes the platform really slow and not at all use friendly

Advantages of Bitcoin Era

  1. Works best for every user Bitcoin Era boosts of complex algorithms designed to generate best and fast results for you when you place your trades and has all the advanced functions for expert traders in the trading world. Similarly, it’s simple interface is easy to use and understand for beginners who can learn crypto trading in no time. Other than this, the process of registration and configuration of account is a process that takes only thirty minutes after which the robot does the remaining job for you.
  2. Consistent Profit Margins – As the success rate is over 82%, the robot of Bitcoin Era offers opportunities like performing several functions at the same time with only $250 deposit which users claim can be used for making 10 different transactions while the probability of their success is 8 out of 10. 
  3. Reliable Customer Service – this service not only offers all the assistance that a person needs but also comes with the option of a live chat option and making multiple inquiries all day anytime. 
  4. Information available at the disposal of the user – other than this option of using demo accounts to become familiar with the platform, Bitcoin Era also offers free tutorials for educating users and enabling them to learn as much as they can about the world of cryptocurrency.

How to use Bitcoin Era?

Everything depends on factors like crypto market analysis, a person’s luck and patience. However, there are few tips which can help a person in saving from huge losses so here are some suggestions to mitigate risk:

  • The Use of Demo Account – Practicing the art of placing trades through a demo account before stepping in the live trading helps in learning about potential mistakes which can be avoided while handling real money in live trading sessions. This also helps a user is becoming familiar with the options and functions of Bitcoin Era beforehand

  • Make the Most of Information AvailableBitcoin Era has uploaded numerous tutorials for the benefit of our users to build their understanding and enhancing knowledge so that their chances of success rise
  • Begin with Moderate Investment Plan – All first time investors are recommended to not invest more than the minimum limit of $250 until they become a pro with every function of the robot and have identified how the robot functions. While the success ratio is 82%, the volatility of cryptocurrencies is high as people have made millions and lost millions

Do Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Era?

Rumors are abuzz with endorsements of bitcoins with celebrities like Elon Musk and Philli Schoefield. However, should such claims be taken seriously? Continue reading to find out if any celebrity is a secret trader of crypto currency or rely on any other investment scheme. 

Bitcoin Era Holly Willoughby

It is said that Holly Willoughby who is a popular TC anchor and co-host of a popular ITV This Morning show has said to have invested with the Bitcoin Era. While investigations have proved that such claims are false and that she has never expressed any interest in the bitcoin let alone bitcoin trading robot. Therefore, there is a high chance that platforms making such bold claims are intended to mislead masses.

We recommend that we do not pay heed to such big claims of Bitcoin Era and Holly Willoughby. This is because these claims are biased. On the other hand, industry experts like Learnbonds have researched about the Bitcoin Era and have found it to be legit and worth giving a try.

Bitcoin Era Piers Morgan

Morgan Piers is a popular ITV show host of the Good Morning Britain and numerous rumours have been circulating that he has invested with the Bitcoin Era. However, there is no evidence to support such claims so this bit of news is most probably false. Hence, we recommend ignoring such platforms who make such false claims just to generate traffic and lure unsuspecting people on the pretext of false promises.

The reason why the Bitcoin Era is the target of most fake news is that it is widely popular and has already surpassed the level of being trustworthy along with being the ultimate choice among new users.

Bitcoin Era App Review: The Verdict

So the question is that is your investment worth testing Bitcoin Era? According to out research, Bitcoin Era offers a reliable trading software equipped with regulated brokers who help in increasing your chances of making money as can be viewed from the reviews at their official website as well.

We urge all beginners and even experts to only invest what you can afford to lose at regulated brokers as this trading comes with high risks, high rewards and high losses. In short, if you have any concerns or questions about the Bitcoin Era or if you want to learn about cryptocurrency then you may contact us using our information below the comments section.

Glossary of Cryptocurrency Terms


What is the Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a robot operated on an auto basis to churn out profits for users while trading bitcoin 24/7.

Is the Bitcoin Era legit or scam?

Numerous crypto traders use this software and they have claimed it to be regulated, legal and very real. Bitcoin Era generates profits on a daily basis while being regulated with registered brokers.

Can I withdraw the Bitcoin on my Bitcoin Era account?

Not at all. You will not really get a Bitcoin rather it will be used as a CFD for trade which is the representation of Bitcoin (only available at crypto market) by the broker of your choice. 

Do I have to select one of these brokers listed in Bitcoin Era?

The brokers available at Bitcoin Era are all registered as they are also investors and business partners. This toll is connected through API with a broker and is used on the platform made available by the broker for everyone to trade.

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